J + M - Rehoboth, MA

This marks the very first wedding in the history of EVER - where the bride + all bridesmaids were ready + waiting when I arrived. I'm talkin' hair, makeup, adorable coordinating robes + stress free smiles plastered on their faces. I still can't get over it! Jessica was a dream bride to work with + her now husband, Ryan - was a perfect gentleman. Here's a peak at their lovely wedding day. 

It's shots like these that bring out the crazy in me. Somebody, please tell me i'm not the only photographer that finds herself crouched down during a ceremony to get this shot + being like 'oh yeah, oh yeah, *insert bride's name here* is gonna love this!' 

Also, can we take a second to admire how adorable the groom's grandparents were at Matt + Jessica's wedding? 

rooting for many more happy years, guys. Thanks for letting me capture your future heirlooms. 



E + N - Smithfield, RI

Elizabeth + Nathan were two of the most down to earth, sincere, and happy coupes I've ever met. These two shared a beautiful wedding day amongst their closest friends + fam at Twelve Acres in Smithfield, RI. A funny part of their day I will never forget went a little like this: 

As I hopped in my car to meet E at her hotel, I drove past a gorgeous local farm + pasture. I said to myself - I've gotta have it. I NEED to take pictures there! I pulled down a tiny dirt road plastered with KEEP OUT, PRIVATE PROPERTY signs. I got a little discouraged, but I decided to check it out. I saw a cute little farm stand with a porch + a group of older gentleman smoking cigars in their rocking chairs. Before I could even finish telling them who I was, they said - "You want to have a wedding here today? Go for it! Do we need to get out of here?" I couldn't get over these guys! Once I explained the wedding wouldn't be happening there - just a quick photo session, they were more than happy to offer their beautiful family farm to me. They also offered me a cigar. 

So glad we were able to find a fun spot to surprise E + her bridesmaids with. This bridal party was a dream to work with. REALLY enjoyed this wedding!!! 

so happy to have been a part of your day, xo. 

K + J - Warwick, RI

Okay guys, I'm just going to start off by saying that this is the first wedding I've ever shot where the bride crowd surfed her dance floor while effortlessly rapping along to Nicki Minaj -and- threw down in a mosh pit. I'm talking, she tore out her up-do, rocked. it. out! 

Kim is one of the sweetest brides I've had the privilege to meet + her now HUSBAND, Jerry, had me laughing any time I spoke to him. I first met these two in June of 2015 for their engagement session. I am so lucky to build the friendships I do with the couples that I meet. I know Kim is eagerly awaiting this post - so here's a few shots from their gorgeous wedding day! 

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 6.47.16 PM.png

I'm so thankful to capture these love stories! 



Hair + Makeup: Brittany Alix

Floral Artistry: Les Isle Rose

Venue: Harbor Lights Marina and Country Club, Warwick, RI

The most amazing Wedding Coordinator!  B.dion@harborlightsri.com

Music: Patrick Wyllie Eternal Events, LLC