Kayla Marmaras // yoga, the desert, and a killer sunset

When Kayla told me she was going to become a certified buti yoga instructor - I did what any friend would do + showed up to her classes. I had no idea what I was in for but doubted my ability pretty strongly. I'd never been very coordinated, graceful, or open to sweating profusely in a room full of strangers. I was a brand new mom + feeling pretty down on myself and my body! My back hurt, my brain hurt, I was tired AF. 

Throughout those first few months, I saw something in Kayla transforming + I knew I wanted to be a part of it. When you feel good, it shows. There is so much to yoga, our bodies, our minds. There's so much I'd been overlooking all along. I've since lost count of the people Kayla has helped along the way - myself included. 

Buti yoga is a practice that fuses yoga, tribal dance and plyometrics into a total body workout that will transform the body and mind. Kayla also incorporates top notch playlists, salt lamps, and witty humor just when you and your quads need it most. I can honestly say my week doesn't feel right if I miss one of her classes.

I am so inspired by Kayla + her light.

Keep shining, you beautiful thing! I'm so thankful for your friendship + I can hardly wait to see where you'll go next. 

Kayla's class schedule info can be found here: 
Ritual Sweat Society, Dartmouth MA // SDS, Taunton, MA

Kayla's Hair + Makeup by the lovely, talented, and incredible Sarah Rodrigues // Making You Glow

@lululemon // LuluLemon Wrentham