E + N - Smithfield, RI

Elizabeth + Nathan were two of the most down to earth, sincere, and happy coupes I've ever met. These two shared a beautiful wedding day amongst their closest friends + fam at Twelve Acres in Smithfield, RI. A funny part of their day I will never forget went a little like this: 

As I hopped in my car to meet E at her hotel, I drove past a gorgeous local farm + pasture. I said to myself - I've gotta have it. I NEED to take pictures there! I pulled down a tiny dirt road plastered with KEEP OUT, PRIVATE PROPERTY signs. I got a little discouraged, but I decided to check it out. I saw a cute little farm stand with a porch + a group of older gentleman smoking cigars in their rocking chairs. Before I could even finish telling them who I was, they said - "You want to have a wedding here today? Go for it! Do we need to get out of here?" I couldn't get over these guys! Once I explained the wedding wouldn't be happening there - just a quick photo session, they were more than happy to offer their beautiful family farm to me. They also offered me a cigar. 

So glad we were able to find a fun spot to surprise E + her bridesmaids with. This bridal party was a dream to work with. REALLY enjoyed this wedding!!! 

so happy to have been a part of your day, xo.